Recursion in Šaral programming language

Recursion In computer science recursion is a function, which calls itself in the functio body. The function call is always conditional to ensure that calculation ends. Šaral as a problem-oriented programming langugage supports writing recursive procedures and functions. Specifics of a recursive function in Šaral The function recursion is different than in other programming languages. […]

Šaral 2.0 – Language Specification

ŠARAL 2.0 – Language specification Note: This is the English translation of the original specification document in Slovak. My specification is based on a former Šaral presentation (Slovak). Identifier are composed from lower and uppercase characters, digits and underscores. They can start with a letter or an underscore, such as _?[:letter:]([:digit:][:letter:]_)*. Key words

Keywords […]

The Beginning of Šaral – Šariš Algorithmic Language

Šaral – The beginning We would like to introduce you with newest top level evolution in information crunching. It is a problem-science-tech-oriented programming language Šaral. The famous šariš-american company IBM have always been trying to create a language, which a computer would understand as good as human understands. It could have been in 2012 when […]