What is Java to JavaScript?

In the world of programming, the distinction between Java and JavaScript often stirs confusion. Despite their similar names, these two languages are as different as chalk and cheese. To illustrate this point, let’s delve into a whimsical analogy: Java is to JavaScript as van is to vanillin. This comparison might seem odd at first, but […]

Šaral 2.0 – Language Specification

ŠARAL 2.0 – Language specification Note: This is the English translation of the original specification document in Slovak. My specification is based on a former Šaral presentation (Slovak). Identifier are composed from lower and uppercase characters, digits and underscores. They can start with a letter or an underscore, such as _?[:letter:]([:digit:][:letter:]_)*. Key words

Keywords […]

The Beginning of Šaral – Šariš Algorithmic Language

Šaral – The beginning We would like to introduce you with newest top level evolution in information crunching. It is a problem-science-tech-oriented programming language Šaral. The famous šariš-american company IBM have always been trying to create a language, which a computer would understand as good as human understands. It could have been in 2012 when […]