There are 2 types of people – Those who have worked in a Saas company and those who have not

The year 2023, or the 3rd quarter, I have noticed that we divide ourselves like this.

There is someone in my little bubble who is looking for a change at work. I am sometimes helpful and we discuss companies and positions. I saw several job descriptions. One thing caught my attention. The requirements state that it is important to have previous experience from a SaaS company. (see pictures)

They are strict about that when considering a candidate. As if there was no possibility of getting a chance.

That reminded me in 2020, when I wanted to change my role. I chose based on the feeling of fulfillment in the company and values. I have experienced indirect rejections. I also experienced a direct answer: "You are a senior developer at Accenture, you do not have a startup mentality."

I’ve experienced both sides. I worked for a consulting company. Now I work for a SaaS company. Sure, there are some specifics. But it is not such a difference that we treat each other like this. That we don’t even imagine that change is possible from one side to another.

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