The Beginning of Šaral – Šariš Algorithmic Language

Šaral – The beginning

We would like to introduce you with newest top level evolution in information crunching. It is a problem-science-tech-oriented programming language Šaral. The famous šariš-american company IBM have always been trying to create a language, which a computer would understand as good as human understands.

It could have been in 2012 when one of my colleague mentioned to me a programming language named Šaral, because I come from Šariš region. I found out a record from a lecture (in Slovak) and a transcript (in Slovak) from the author.

I reminded it in 2016 while travelling by train and I wanted to know if the real implementation exists. I did a research and I found out that there is such implementation for LLVM from a student of The Technical University of Košice with a nickname laciKE. He already extended the former specification and created the specification version 2.0.

Another programming language?

I mentioned that there is the implementation of Šaral for LLVM. But I think that this language is worth to have more and another implementations. Java and Java Virtual Machine ecosystem is great place. The language could be compatible with other libraries.

My goal is to create beginning of implementation of Šaral programming language for Java Virtual Machine. I will use the language specification version 2.0 from laciKE – all features from 2.0 will be implemented for JVM. The List of JVM languages will grow.

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