Queal is here

Queal Beginning

When I first read about Soylent I wanted to test it. Unfortunately they do not distribute the product to Europe. After a long time I tried to check if something had changed with shipping countries. Then I found Queal. It was possible to order in Slovakia, too. So I ordered Taste Tester and waited for a delivery.


After few days I open my delivery and saw 7 packages corresponding one for each of seven flavors. Unfolded, it looked like this:


I chose randomly Funky Forest Fruit flavor for first taste. I prepared first meal according to instruction paper. Small complication is how to estimate ⅓ of a bag. But when a shaker is filled with 400 ml water. The rest of the volume corresponds ⅓ of the bag.

First taste

I let my first meal in a fridge for few hours. When I drank it, it tasted like flavored oatmeal. One full shaker is supposed to be one full meal, but I was not to able to drink all. I left about ½ of a dose. I felt sated although my stomach was not full.

Next steps

I do not want to perform any trials like this. I just want to combine ordinary meals people use to have with occasional Queal meal and see if there is an effect on my body.

First I have to taste all 7 flavors and find my favorite. More posts coming soon.