General Characteristics

  • A logical thinker who is attentive to detail.
  • Exercises caution and calculates risks.
  • Sets extremely high standards for himself and others.
  • A perfectionist who wants to get things right.
  • A diplomatic person who respects authority.
  • Can follow a task through to conclusion.
  • Prefers the security of a structured working environment.
  • Adheres to the rules, procedures and guidelines of the organisation.
  • Ensures quality and standards are maintained.


Pavol Pidanič is motivated by standard operating procedures, limited exposure and no sudden or abrupt changes. Security of
situation, a happy home life and historical procedures are also extremely important.
Should Pavol Pidanic have a boss, then ideally that person will be a democratic leader, who remembers that, if the best
results are to be achieved, this individual should be given the security of a structured working environment and the work
parameters should be clearly defined and communicated, preferably in writing.

Values Pavol Pidanic brings to the Organisation

Contributions that Pavol Pidanič is capable of contributing to any organisation include the very specialised skills of
implementing quality standards, systems and operational procedures. The focus on analytical objectivity and precision,
devoid of any emotional bias will be well within his natural abilities. Support for the traditional values of life and business will
be important to Pavol Pidanic and he will strive to ensure that they are not discarded without in-depth research and

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